​John Schert is the husband of the late Dr. Debby Harris.  Following her wishes, John has kept his promise of keeping Super Summer “alive” since Debby's passing in January 2010.  John keeps Super Summer “alive” as a way to honor his late wife. John receives all of the Registrations and tuition for Super Summer. He does his best to be the Book Keeper, Pay Master and Registrar for Super Summer.  He promised Debby that he would keep Super Summer going in the same way that Debby managed Super Summer.  Super Summer is organized as a Florida LLC, a Limited Liability Company registered with the Florida Division of Corporations and organized to comport with Florida law.  John has been on the Faculty of the University of Florida Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering for about 24 years.  John was in the hospital for 67 days in September, October and November of 2017 due to the growth of Spinal Epidural Abscesses inside his vertebrae which grew and took up space and cut off the blood supply to his spinal cord.  He underwent two 6-hour operations on his spinal column and a cardiac arrest that lasted for about 7 minutes.  He is relearning how to walk and working hard to regain his strength.  He and Debby had one daughter (Kate), now 22 years old who attends Santa Fe College, lives at their family home with John and assists him with things that he cannot do anymore.  Kate was 12 when Debby passed away.  John loves to go fishing for Red Fish in the creeks along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico between Crystal River and Steinhatchee.  He likes to remember that they call it "fishing", not "catching".

Super Summer would have died a quiet death when Debby died except for Cheryl Alexaitis. Cheryl is the glue that kept Super Summer together after Debby’s passing. Cheryl is the Super Summer Onsite Coordinator.  She is in charge of everything that happens at the Super Summer sessions.  She recruits our wonderful teachers.  She gets everyone’s course descriptions.  She deals with all the little and big things that come up once Super Summer has started. Cheryl knows everything, she has been with Super Summer for 30 years.  Debby loved Cheryl very much and knew that with Cheryl’s help, John could keep Super Summer going.

A Very Special Summer School for Gifted Children in Alachua County Entering the First Grade through the Ninth Grade. Created by the late Dr. Debby Harris. 

"Super Summer" is a Registered Trademark.  


Dr. Debby Harris, Licensed School Psychologist in Private Practice​​




​​​Around 1984, Dr. Debby Harris decided to create a summer school for gifted children.  Dr. Harris was the Director of the Gifted Program at PK Yonge School here in Gainesville.  She wanted for gifted children in Alachua County and surrounding counties to (1) have an opportunity to have fun during the long summer months doing things that challenged their minds and (2) create a program that allowed gifted children to be around other gifted children.  She had a deep and abiding passion for gifted children and believed that we don't provide enough services for gifted children. She felt that gifted children are an under-served community. This is how Super Summer was born. She specialized in identifying gifted children and identifying learning disabilities in children and adults.  She was a School Psychologist, licensed by the State of Florida.  She touched many lives.

Sadly, Dr. Harris passed away in January 2010 from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), aka "Lou Gehrig's Disease".  After she found out that she had ALS (a disease which is always fatal) she asked her husband, John Schert, to please keep Super Summer going.

​Dr. Harris is the tallest blond in the above photo, second from the far right with a gold chain around her neck.  The person with blond hair to the left of Debby in this photo is Betsy Seymour.  Betsy is a Gifted teacher at Chiles Elementary.  Betsy taught at Super Summer for about 25 years and was the 2006 Alachua County Teacher of the Year. She has been taking a break from teaching at Super Summer.  The woman with the long dark hair on the far left is Cheryl Alexaitis.  Cheryl is a "Cambridge Language Arts and Reading Teacher" at Westwood Middle School.  Cheryl has been teaching Super Summer classes for almost 30 years. Cheryl is also the Onsite Coordinator of Super Summer at Westwood Middle School.  Cheryl is in charge of all of the onsite Super Summer activities.  All of the Super Summer teachers “report” to Cheryl.

If you would like to read more about Dr. Harris and her life, you can visit her website at her web site- www.drdebbyharris.com