Information for Parents of Children in Kindergarten Who are Entering the First Grade in the Fall

*Print out your registration form and mail along with the requested documents and fee(s) to the address listed on the form. *


Debby had two rules Super Summer: 
1. Super Summer had to be fun and challenging 

2. All of the children attending Super Summer must meet the "gifted criteria" that Alachua County uses for designating children as "gifted".

Most of the children who come to Super Summer are already enrolled in the Alachua County Gifted Program, have been tested by a Licensed School Psychologist employed by the Alachua County School Board and have been deemed as "gifted".  

Rising Kindergartners in the public school system who have been referred by their Kindergarten teacher for "gifted testing" in the Summer of 2017 and students who attend or have been invited to attend the "Magnet Program at Williams Elementary", the "Lyceum Program at Lincoln Middle School", "The Academy of Technology and Gifted Studies at Howard Bishop Middle School" or the "Pre-Cambridge Program at Westwood Middle School" can also attend Super Summer. In order to attend Super Summer, children who have not been tested for gifted, (children who attend private schools or are being home schooled) have to undergo testing and be designated as "gifted" by a specially qualified and trained person licensed by the State of Florida as a "Licensed School Psychologist".  

School Psychologists who are licensed by the State of Florida who practice in Alachua County include:

Lisa Schiavoni, Ed.S., NCSP
Fl Licensed School Psychologist #SS315 
4131 NW 28th Lane, Suite 3A, Gainesville, FL 32606 
Mailing: 4019 NW 34th Terrace, 32605


Kathy Funke, Ph.D., Fl Licensed School Psychologist #SS324 
1605 NW 16th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 

Kim Kazimour, Ph.D. 
Fl Licensed School Psychologist #SS325 
4040 Newberry Road, Suite 1350,Gainesville, FL

Pamela Vetro, Ph.D. 
Fl Licensed School Psychologist #SS587 
1605 NW 16th Ave. Gainesville, FL


Karen Arnold, Ed.S., NCSP 
Fl Licensed School Psychologist #SS704 
3601 SW 2nd Ave. Suite X, Gainesville, FL 


Alicia Scott, Ph.D. 
Fl Licensed School Psychologist #SS840 
2731 NW 41st St. Suite B3, Gainesville, FL, 32606

Did you know that Alachua County has the highest percentage of gifted children of any county in the State of Florida?

A Very Special Summer School for Gifted Children in Alachua County Entering the First Grade through the Ninth Grade. Created by the late Dr. Debby Harris. 

"Super Summer" is a Registered Trademark.  

Session 1 - Wednesday, June 5 - Friday, June 14, 2019  $289
Session 2 - Monday, June 17 - Friday, June 28, 2019   $349

Your child qualifies to register for Super Summer if they meet the following requirements:

  • They are enrolled in the public school system 
  • They are in kindergarten 
  • They are entering the first grade in the Fall of 2018 and
  • They have been referred by their kindergarten teacher for “gifted testing."

Kindergarten teachers in Alachua County complete a form called “Checklist of Gifted Characteristics” to refer their students for “gifted testing” by a licensed school psychologist who is employed by the Alachua County School Board. The form has a list of 20 characteristics.  If the Kindergarten teacher checks off 11 or more of these characteristics, the child then qualifies for “gifted testing”.  You can download this form here:​